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L'accademia italiana
nel settore dell'ospitalità

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The Academy aims to bring the word "Hospitality" back to the center of the post-diploma preparation of young people, to make them ambassadors of Italian beauty and style in the world, through international hospitality and tourism skills and knowledge, in an industry in constant transformation and now inextricably linked to tech, digital, AI and eco-sustainability.

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He who welcomes is a guest as he who is welcomed. Hospitality is a universal anthropological condition with its own primordial glossary: smile, greeting, hug, discretion, good food, trust, exchange, and gift—a universal vocabulary, but with specific codes for each culture. Hospitality is a cultural heritage to be defended and enriched, a choice of direction for our civilization. Hospitality as a vocation, including a choral one, of the whole territory, because it is not just a mere question of codes and techniques, but rather a cultural form and a common good. Hospitality to welcome those who come from elsewhere, but also those who will come after us.

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A complete and transversal teaching plan, which uses teachers coming directly from the world of work, inspires students and guides them in the digital and ecological transformations that will impact the world of tourism shortly.

  • Foreign languages
  • Tourism Market Structure and General Regulations
  • Marketing and comunication
  • Market Structure
  • Safety standards
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Human resources
  • Destination Management

  • Strategic planning
  • Decision Making
  • Work ethic
  • Economics and Finance of Tourism
  • Manage changes
  • Brand Management
  • Create Experiences and Services of Excellence
  • Negotiation and Contracts
  • Form the Team
  • Public Speaking

  • Room Division Management
  • Housekeeping Department
  • Booking Office e Call Center
  • Corporate Headquarters Organisation
  • Health & Safety
  • MICE Events Management

  • A.I. & Data Analysis for Hospitality
  • Value Proposition and Digital Identity
  • Travel experience design between online and offline
  • Distribution and Disintermediation
  • Content and Communication of the Digital Elements
  • Action Plan & Leadership
  • Digital Analysis of Revenue and Pricing Techniques
  • Basic Coding Elements

  • F&B Organization and Planning
  • Food sciences
  • Operational Budget Planning
  • Manage services: hall, kitchen, bar, brekfast, events
  • Budget and cost organization of catering
  • Sales Points and Revenue Centers

  • Design and Feasibility
  • Real Estate
  • External architecture and services
  • Innovations and trends
  • Luxury Design
  • Eco Design
  • Italian style in the hotel industry

The spirit of HIA is to create a perfect balance between the hours of teaching and those of qualified internships, which the students will do in top-level companies, selected by evaluating the typical canons of Italian hospitality and the regulations and ethical protocols prepared by our network to achieve the goal and prepare the resources for rapid insertion in the working world, occupying those middle-management positions now present in the best tourist accommodation companies.

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05. SEAT

A double seat, to experience innovation and hospitality

The Mulino di Firenze boutique hotel in Via di Villamagna will be the main location for general training and exponential laboratories. The ideal context, and an educational tool in itself, to immediately place students in a school-work environment.

The digital part, which also constitutes a Term in its own right, will have Nana Bianca as its headquarters to allow students to deal with the best technologies and be stimulated by staying in a hub where startups of various kinds coexist and develop.


HIA has developed its training process with Swiss Education Group, and the students will conclude their training with the 5 Terms and the Bachelor in Hospitality Management in Montreaux, at SEG.

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Swiss Education Group

HIA has developed its training process with Swiss Education Group, and the students will conclude their training with the 5 Terms and the Bachelor in Hospitality Management in Montreaux, at SEG.

swiss education group


The HIA training and development project was conceived thanks to the collaboration of the national network Ospitalia, of which we are an integral and active part.

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